MUSICIAN BEBE Cool has expressed his delight after his son was named the best footballer at a tournament in the United Kingdom.

Alpha Thierry Ssali is primed for big things

Alpha Thierry Ssali is primed for big things

The musician’s son spent last week in Europe where he participated in the kids football tourney. He scored a whopping eight goals and made five assists.

Now his dotting dad Bebe is predicting a bright future for his talented chap, and has called upon parents to invest in their children.

He told this website: “It’s always a great feeling when you invest in a business and you see results early.  8 goals, and

5 assists in a one week tournament in the UK.
Thank God I share the same dream with my children.This is the building of a great Ugandan soccer player/striker, a journey that begun at the age of 3 and now he’s 13 years old.
My fellow Ugandans, it’s wise to invest in that small business that is closer to you than a big one that is far from you because when the small one becomes big, it’s unbreakable because you have participated in its foundation while the big one will always seem far and if and only if u reach it, it may be difficult to handle because you did not participate in its foundation.
Building our country can be done in many ways and this is one of them.”

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