WHILE many people are decorating Aziz Azion with praise for creating BaxRagga, Man Polo a one Makindye based said that he created Baxragga mysteriously. He said he felt that the tune was very nice.

Man Polo

“I was in the studio with Aziz Azion, when he had come to record a song titled, Nabigumira. During that time, I started playing my piano and mixing different sounds, that’s when I came up with Baxragga rhythm, by that time I was still working at Zua Records,” he said.

Man Polo believes that though many producers have produced songs in baxragga style, he is the one who laid its foundation; and made the first fusion of Bakisimba and Ragga, leading to the creation of the popular loved sound of Baxragga

He has produced many mega hit songs like: Nkwagala by B2C featuring Maro; Katono Katono by Rema; Bwerere by Barbie Jay; andm, Medicine by Aziz Azion, among others.

He explained that Baxragga is a mixture of Bakisimba and Ragga. Bakisimba is composed of the local and traditional musical sounds from instruments like drums, xylopholes, among others. And

ragga sound is of Jamaican origin.


He said that when he was creating Baxragga, he was using Ragga sound; and when he mixed it with Bakisimbe sound, the sounds come out so good and unique that, “I loved the sound, not because it was my own creation but it was also nice, though I did not know whether other people would like it, but we decided to give it a shot and see if people would appreciate my creation,” Polo said.

“Aziz also loved the soundtrack and decided to do a song with it titled, Am Bad. “When that song was out, many people loved it; and it made rounds on all over because of its unique beats which sounded traditional due to the Bakisimba sound. As a producer, I was so happy seeing my creation appreciated. And from then on I started producing more and more Baxragga songs,” Man Polo said.

He has produced many songs in baxragga style like; Winner Azion and Omulembe by Aziz, featuring Sheebah among others.

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