FOR those who are wondering where abouts of Weasel’s money, a reason to solve that mystery has been unmasked.


This website has learnt that for the last two years, Weasel has been harbouring a side dish who was ones his main chick, ever since she came back from Norway, Carol Serwadda has been very serious with weasel to the extent that he rented for her an apartment in Muyenga at

the tune of shs 800,000 per month.

The landlord has always been paid one year in advance, however since December last year 2016, Weasel has been dodging the landlord, unfortunately last week the landlord decided enough was enough, and threw the beautiful crooner out of the apartments.


Now Weasel is still wondering what to do next since he is only expecting money when they have a show slated soon this year.

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