No matter how bad our day has been, we bring out our weird inner child in us

These are certain habits we both have developed:

Our mornings always start with a hug and a kiss, when we are back from work and also just before retiring for the night. This is done with a lot of consciousness

We always tell each other that we love them. This has helped us strengthen our bond

No matter what the argument or a fight is, we never go to bed angry

We periodically check on each other if they are okay- emotionally,physically and mentally. We both keep an open ground to vent and look for a solution. No judgements

We work out together, hit the Gym together

We give each other adequate space. Somedays he goes for a boys night out and sometimes I go with my gal pals. Or we just do our own things

We don’t feel the need to keep a constant check on where they are or what they do. As

long as we both know we are safe, we are good

We know each other’s phone passwords, sometimes we even forget to logout of our emails and have nothing to worry about. Trust is key

No decision is taken without discussing with each other. We show mutual respect

We both spend good time with our respective in law’s. He calls my parents every weekend to check on them. I meet my in laws atleast twice a week.

Both of us understand the love we have for our parents. So whenever he feels like driving to his parents’place for a quick visit, i don’t always tag along. He deserves as much quality time with his parents as I do with mine.

Atleast one meal a day when together. No phones or tv

While I cook, mop and vacuum the house, he cleans the bath, does the dishes and laundry. Grocery shopping is mostly together, unless one of us is busy and the other goes to the store We share household chores

We workout together. We hit the gym together and help each other stay on track. During summers, we play badminton or go for long walks

We make each other laugh. No matter how bad our day has been, we bring out our weird inner child in us

Finally, we are a work in progress


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