ONE of late Ivan Ssemwanga’s aunts has reignited the biff between her family and Zari Hassan by claiming the socialite has a secret 22 year old child

This comes at a time when the fight for the deceased’s property continues to rumble on.

The aunty made the shocking revelation in a video recording released last night.

Ssemwanga and Zari have three boys together

Ssemwanga and Zari have three boys together


In the audio recording, the aunty- who we understand is a sister to Ssemwanga’s father, further claims Zari has lost two husbands, an indication of being cursed.

She adds that the secret child is based in a hidden place in Kampala. The child is not allowed to meet her mother’s relatives.

However all these claims

will be seen by many as classic sour grapping since Zari is the said heir to former hubby late Ssemwanga’s wealth.


She (aunty) also claimed the reason Zari visits Ssemwanga’s grave is to exorcise ghosts.


The family of the late Ivan Ssemwanga has been ‘searching’ for the whereabouts of his will to guide them on how to manage his estate.


According to a source in the family, there’s fear that the will might be altered in favour of his ex-wife Zari Hassan and her three children.


The family led by Ssemwanga’s uncle, Herbert Luyinda, has tried to hold a meeting with Zari to forge a way forward on how Ssemwanga’s 30 schools in South Africa are to be managed.

Zari is not interested since she believes they have ill intentions.

Ssemwanga, 40, died in May from a South African Hospital where he was undergoing treatment.

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