IT’S  a real trick for celebrities to catch their wives in a fling, but that is exactly what happened last week at Munyonyo.

Ziza Bafana

Our snoop reveled of how Bafana returned home late in the night on a boda-boda, but that when he knocked on his door, his wife Shanitah took so long to open and this did not go well with Bafana because he knew his wife to

be a light sleeper.

Eventually, the wife opened but Bafana suspected something was not right, and he started searching the house. our sources say Bafana saw a figure at a pseudo speed that came from no where and ran out of the house.

That the guy’s speed would have killed Husein Bolt with envy!

Now, a furious Bafana turned the guns on Mama wa baana whith whom they have 3 kids. But as we speak, Shanitah has gone back to her parents as Bafana is still in shock!

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