ZIZA BAFANA has yet again waged another war on his sworn nemesis Bebe Cool extending it to Chameleone as well, The husky voiced Musician blames them for not pushing Ugandan music to another level despite the times they have clinched in the music industry.

Ziza Bafana flashes Illuminati horns

Ziza Bafana flashes Illuminati horns

While appearing on various media platforms, Bafana has always challenged the two stars to a music battle. He has gone further to compare Chameleone’s music to that of a young child like

his son Aba.


However after Ziza Bafana bravely making a statement that he wants an immediate music battle with top Ugandan guns, Dr Jose Chameleon and Bebe Cool, he has been advised to first beat his music level rivals such as Khalifah Aganaga and Gravity Omutujju before talking about a battle with top music shots.Bebe Cool n Chameleone

Chameleone also promised to organise a free entry concert at Namboloe stadium if “Bafana” beats “Khalifah” in a music battle and this he said will be teaching this indisciplined young Bafana to respect his elders.

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