A feature is a longer piece of writing than a news story. Features come in many different types and are widely used in magazines, newspapers and online. A feature will often cover an issue in greater depth than a news story would do; or it might look at an ongoing story from a different angle.

OFWONO OPONDO; Official burials turning into pomp, vanity, extravagance

By it we invite the world to witness our lavish splendor, parading the most expansive ceremony that should otherwise be

admin admin May 15, 2023

Fighting against EACOP while loudly silent about Lwera is confusing 

So to all my anti EACOP friends, help me and add a small line about Lwera on all your posters,

Our Reporter Our Reporter October 31, 2022

(OPINION; OFWONO OPONDO) Minister’s assassination most foul, King Charles III stain, and US bullying

But it offers some breather that President Joe Biden is now more a figure of fun ridicule within and around

admin admin May 9, 2023
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